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Cross Triumphant
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On the outward face of this memorial urn is a ceramic tile,
entitled "Cross Triumphant" designed and hand painted by an
artist at the studio.  The relief images on the tile, along with the
joyful colors of life, remind the viewer that through the cross,
Christ triumphed over death and that by following Him we, too,
will triumph.  "Where, O death, is your victory?  Where, O
death, is your sting? ...Thanks be to God, He gives us the victory
through our Lord, Jesus Christ." 1Cor.15:55
This memorial urn is handmade from carefully selected
oak hardwood using fine cabinetry technique.
The urn can be used to hold the remains of one or two.
The inside is covered with soft crimson felt and the door
of the urn snaps closed and can be firmly secured.
The fine wooden urn with attractive tile will
withstand the test of time.
On the face is an engraved plaque with "In loving memory.." the
deceased person's name, date of birth, and date deceased.

cremboxes ordering info  

To place an order call us at:     US  toll free         1-877-297-4094
                                                       Outside US              585-243-7624

     Large Size:   H x W x D         12 1 /2"  91 /4"  9 1 /4"
Price:                                $ 325 plus  S&H

     Small Size:   H x W x D       101 /2" 8 1 /2"  x 81 /2"
Price:                                 $ 300 plus S&H

                                                    add NYS sales tax :         8%

  If you have already secured a final resting place for your loved one's remains, it
is important that you check the dimensions of the space to see if the urn will
fit.   Each cemetery varies in size of niches for remains in columbariums,
mausoleums, and in-ground interments.  Thanks.

   Presentation Art Studio
P.O.Box 158,  Piffard N.Y.    14533

Returns within 30 days except for personalized calligraphy


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